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In 1991, the world famous brand surf wear Quiksilver created the first women's line for sport and swimwear Roxy. 


Today, the Roxy brand offers young women sports and fashion clothing, accessories and equipment for skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, surfing. Roxy includes a full range of sportswear, swimwear, glasses, bags, outerwear, ski and snowboard equipment and accessories for young women. In this category, Roxy is the biggest company in the world.


Each product represents the individuality of Roxy with playful colors, modern details and popular figures. The Roxy logo that representis two waves surrounding the two mountains in the shape of a heart, is the hallmark of several fashion styles for the past 20 years that changed the lives of modern women. In an effort to promote the sport of snowboarding for women, Roxy organizes spectacular events worldwide. The first of its kind international snowboard event for girls - Roxy Chicken Jam was held in 2004 Innsbruck (Austria).


Roxy is everything for the heart. When you follow your heart this inspires the others to do the same. 


For more information visit www.roxy.com