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Sport Depot is the exclusive representative of the brand for Bulgaria


"The outdoors is our passion" is the motto of JACK WOLFSKINWhether in the mountains, the wilderness, in faraway countries or in the countryside on your doorstep, JACK WOLFSKIN offers all the products you need to make you feel right at home in the great outdoors, whatever the weather. The products are based on leading technology and combine all-round weather protection with a high level of comfort. First-class quality is a matter of course for the company.

JACK WOLFSKIN develops products for people who love being outdoors. JACK WOLFSKIN was founded in 1981 in Frankfurt, Germany and since then has developed first-class, functional products on the basis of constant user feedback. With numerous patents and innovative, proprietary technologies, JACK WOLFSKIN products currently lead the way in function, comfort and user benefits, and are now used all over the world.


For more information visit www.jack-wolfskin.com