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The story of Helly Hansen started in 1877. After many years at sea, norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife began producing oilskin jackets, trousers, sou'westers and tarpaulins, made from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. In 1980 the company's breathable, waterproof fabric system– called Helly Tech– was launched. The Helly Tech technology sets a new standard for the development of breathable and waterproof fabrics that have a huge impact on all ski and outdoor industry. In 2004, Helly Hansen expand their development in the manufacture of hiking and sports shoes.


The Helly Hansen's products are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection from water, wind, cold, moisture, using high quality materials and technologies. They are suitable for winter and extreme sports, outdoor and leisure. The brand's equipment is used for filming "The perfect storm" and ''Touching the void''.