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NATURALICO Протеин Whey Protein 5 lbs-chocolate coconut * OUTLET
139,90 BGN

139,90 BGN
The new improved formula of Naturalico Whey Protein Isolate provides 21 grams of microfiltered whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Fast-acting and quickly digestible, Whey Protein Isolate is an ideal nutritional supplement for those who need quality protein with low fat and carbohydrate content. This mixture is designed to provide optimal recovery after intense physical activity by delivering a high concentration of amino acids above 5.5 g BCAA . In addition, it provides 5 g of glutamine, thanks to which energy levels are significantly increased.
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139,90 BGN
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Naturalico Whey Protein Isolate is the most modern and most effective food supplement with an excellent macronutrient profile. This combination of quality protein sources with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and significantly more amino acids works to support the growth of lean muscle mass and improve your results without accumulating excess fat.
Naturalico Whey Protein Isolate helps increase protein synthesis and minimizes catabolic processes. Helps speed up recovery after a workout and reduces muscle fatigue.
Qualities and advantages of Whey Protein Isolate
21 g protein per dose
Less than 0.3 g of sugar per dose
Protein of high biological value
Low in carbohydrates and fats
Over 5.5 g BCAA and 3 g L-glutamine per dose
Extra amount of vitamins and minerals
When and how is Whey Protein Isolate taken?
Whey Protein Isolate is best taken in one dose (30 grams) before and after a workout. It is possible to take one dose in the morning with breakfast. Mix one dose with 200-300 ml. water and beat with a shaker or blender. It can be taken at any time of the day when you have not eaten for several hours to provide a quick source of protein to the muscles.
The production of whey protein isolate is significantly more complex, which allows to achieve an extremely high degree of purity of the protein content. This makes it a better choice for people with lactose intolerance.
In particular, we can say that whey protein isolate contains about 90% protein as opposed to whey concentrate with 70-80% protein content.
Whey Protein Isolate is the better alternative and will fully live up to your expectations, no matter what your goals are. It dissolves easily in water and milk and is quickly absorbed by the body. This is extremely important if you exercise actively.
This supplement will refresh you pleasantly after a workout and will protect you from muscle breakdown.
CAN YOU TAKE WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN ON A STRICT DIET? Not only is it suitable for people on a strict diet, but it is also recommended. Naturalico Whey protein will support you in a calorie-controlled diet and will stimulate weight loss.
You can easily combine it with weight loss supplements to increase fat burning.
WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR? Naturalico Whey Protein is suitable for absolutely everyone, whether they are amateur athletes, professional athletes, dieters or eat normally.
Whey Protein Isolate is a great solution for people under constant stress, with irregular diet and busy schedule, which means that they often eat on foot and do not get enough protein.
Even if you are not active in sports, taking Whey isolate will strengthen your immune system, prevent bone loss, normalize your blood sugar and may even help treat type 2 diabetes, inflammation and other conditions.
DOES TAKING NATURALICO WHEY PROTEIN LEAD TO WEIGHT GAIN? If you are on a special diet, you are probably worried about every extra calorie? You can rest assured that if you take Whey Isolate protein the right way, it will not lead to weight gain.
However, keep in mind that if you do not exercise enough, do not limit your diet and do not have a lot of muscle, the abuse of Whey Protein Isolate can lead to the storage of more fat in problem areas. To prevent this, limit carbohydrate and sugary foods, exercise regularly or at least walk for at least 1 hour daily.
Naturalico Whey Protein can replace your breakfast and give you a great start to the day, support the relaxation of your muscles after exercise or just make your desserts healthy and filling.

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