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LOTTO FITNESS Smart Treadmill GENIO 16 km / 1.75 HP * OUTLET
1860,00 BGN

1860,00 BGN
Treadmill for home use GENIO
Item number: 200000587627
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1860,00 BGN
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Item number: 200000587627 7211EA-GENIO

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Lotto is an Italian sportswear and footwear brand, founded in 1973 by the Caberlotto brothers and made popular by the innovative design and quality of its products. The company is best known for sports equipment for activities such as football, tennis, running and fitness. The brand is present globally through partnerships with numerous sports teams and people from the world of sports, which contribute to strengthening its reputation in the world of sports.

LOTTO GENIO, an electric treadmill designed for home use contributes to discover the efficiency and comfort of training in your home.

With a powerful 3.75 HP motor, the LOTTO Genio offers a wide range of speeds from a relaxing 1 km/h walk to an intense 16 km/h sprint.

Reach new levels of intense workout with the motorized incline, with 12 levels available.

The large 125 x 45 cm running surface allows you to stretch your steps and achieve your fitness goals. With a maximum user capacity of 110kg, Lotto Genio adapts to a variety of workout needs.

The smart design includes a LED computer providing detailed information on speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, incline and body fat percentage. With 36 preset programs, 3 custom and 1 manual program, Lotto Genio offers variety and customization in every workout. The Body Fat feature provides you with important information about your body composition, and the heart rate sensors on the handles monitor your heart rate in real time.

The treadmill's smart design includes features like start-stop/speed buttons on the handles, a tablet/smartphone holder, bottle holder, and bi-directional cylinder fold. With 95% assembled in the box, the Lotto Genio is easy to set up and the automatic folding and smooth unfolding using the hydraulic cylinder system makes the transition between training and storage extremely easy.

Enjoy maximum comfort while running with the shock absorbing system that ensures a smooth and joint-friendly run. With the included transport wheels, the Lotto Genio becomes easy to move and integrate into any space of your home.

With a gross weight of 58kg and a net weight of 52kg, the Lotto Genio is a durable and reliable choice for your daily workouts.

Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity to sync your treadmill to your smartphone or tablet, using the Anyrun/Kinomap apps to control the treadmill and enhance your workout experience. This smart equipment is designed for convenience, with a tablet/smartphone holder and bottle/cup holder to make your workout more enjoyable. With a roller fold and automatic unfold, transportation is made easy with the help of integrated wheels. Enjoy running without excessive strain on your joints thanks to the vibration absorption system consisting of 6 inner elastic pads and 2 outer elastic pads, ensuring a comfortable and joint-friendly run.


- Motor: 3.75 HP maximum power;
- Maximum speed: 1 -16 km/h;
- Motorized incline 12 degrees;
- Computer LED display
- Ability to connect the computer to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology to control the belt - via the Anyrun/Kinomap app;
- Ability to train in a virtual world with others via the Zwift app;
- 36 preset training programs; 3 custom programs, 1 manual program;
- Body fat measurement;
- Computer functions: speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, incline, body fat;
- Start-Stop/Speed buttons on handles;
- Tablet/smartphone support;
- Heart rate sensors on handles;
- AUX input, USB, integrated speakers;
- Tablet/smartphone holder; cup/bottle holder;
- Effective running surface: 125 x 45 cm;
- Shock absorbing running system; 6 elastic shock absorbing pads to cushion movement and reduce strain on joints;
- Dimensions when assembled: 152 x 72 x 125 cm;
- Foldable. Dimensions when folded: 158 x 73 x 27 cm;
- Automatic, smooth unfolding by the hydraulic cylinder system;
- Transport wheels for easy transportation; 95% assembled in the box
- 6 inner elastic pads + 2 outer elastic pads for shock absorption;
- Maximum user weight: 110 kg;
- Unit weight: 58 kg (gross), 52 kg (net)

APPLICATIONS: Anyrun, Kinomap, Zwift

Anyrun App

Anyrun is a dedicated app for fitness equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, steppers or other fitness equipment.
Also this app can be used during competitions, daily workouts in the gym or outdoors, recording the most important functions for a proper workout.

- Features;
- Automatic speed adjustment;
- Record performance during workout;
- Set Goals;
- Step-by-step recording function;

Kinomap application
- You can see your progress on the map while watching the video.
- The app will change the incline depending on the selected video in real time.
- Training with other users from all over the world, possibility to compete with them.
- Features;
- Get real-time workout tips;
- Record performance during workout. Set goals;

Zwift app
- The treadmill is compatible with the Zwift app, allowing you to train on routes organized by elite trainers.
- You can connect with runners from all over the world to get motivated and have continuous training.
- Training is now more fun with the Zwift app, explore the site and train effectively in virtual worlds with a global community.
- The connection is made simply by connecting the treadmill to your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth technology.




1.1. FREE SHIPPING on orders of clothes, shoes, and accessories, including backpacks, bags, purses, jackets, socks, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, and glasses with a total amount over BGN 100.00.

1.2. FREE DELIVERY of all fitness equipment worth more than BGN 300.00 from the following product groups:

  • Cycling meters
  • Cross trainers
  • Treadmills
  • Combination equipment
  • Rowing machines
  • Steppers

SPORT DEPOT offers assembly for all fitness equipment. For pricing and further information, see the Service section.

If you would like to use this service, please choose the assembly option directly on the website when placing your order. This option is available only for exercise bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and combination equipment.

If you would like to request assembly for another piece of equipment, please call us at 070190009 and provide the order number.

If you purchase equipment from our stores in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, and Stara Zagora, we can deliver it within the city limits and assemble it according to our current price list. For assistance, please ask our sales consultants.


1.3. FREE DELIVERY on all bicycles (mountain, city, and children’s bicycles).

1.4. FREE DELIVERY on skis and snowboards, sledges, children’s buggies, sports and outdoor equipment, for products worth over BGN 200.00 at regular, non-discounted prices.
1.5. FREE DELIVERY on weights, dumbbells, bars, and fitness accessories for products worth over BGN 300.00 at regular, non-discounted prices.

If a customer orders a product whose availability cannot be confirmed to take advantage of free shipping, the customer must replace it with another product to reach the required threshold. If a product is missing from the order, the customer will be notified by email or phone.

The conditions for free shipping are valid within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.




  • Delivery of fitness equipment, tennis tables, bicycles, skis and snowboards, sledges, children's buggies, weights, dumbbells, bars, and heavy and bulky sports and outdoor equipment is carried out by courier companies ECONT and EUROPATH. Delivery is made to the entrance of the building specified as the delivery address.

  • SPORT DEPOT delivers items purchased through in-store pickup using the courier company SPEEDY (Спиди), ECONT (Еконт) or EUROPATH (Европът).

  • To deliver the order to a floor, customers should contact the courier in advance to clarify.

  • SPORT DEPOT allows customers to inspect their shipment upon delivery through the courier company ECONT. For more information, see the section on the Inspection service when receiving a package through Econt. There are no inspection options when choosing the courier company Speedy or EUROPATH.

2.1. Delivery to a SPORT DEPOT store - Click&Collect

SPORT DEPOT provides the Click&Collect service for online orders of selected clothing, shoes, and accessories. This service is not available in the stores in Sliven, Kardzhali, Bansko, and Borovets under the following conditions:


  • The Click&Collect service is available only for delivery to a selected SPORT DEPOT store.

  • Click&Collect orders can only be paid in advance via debit or credit card through the SPORT DEPOT website or application.

  • The standard processing time for Click&Collect orders is up to five business days.

  • Customers can pick up their orders upon presenting their ID cards to an employee at the store. Orders can also be received by another person provided the recipient of the order is contacted to confirm the transfer.

The rejected or returned Click&Collect order can be refunded in cash at the store counter or through the payment method used within the statutory period of 14 days.





  • If an online order includes items from different categories that do not qualify for free delivery, only the highest delivery charge is calculated for the entire order.

  • For orders that include some items that qualify for free shipping and others that do not, a delivery charge is calculated only for the items that do not qualify for free shipping.

  • During the first step of the online order, the customer is informed of the delivery price based on the courier and destination options. The delivery cost information given on the first step of the order is for reference purposes only. The delivery price is calculated in subsequent steps when the customer chooses the courier and delivery options.

 3.1. Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories (Backpacks, bags, purses, jackets, socks, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, and glasses)

  • Delivery fees apply to orders of clothing, shoes, and accessories worth less than BGN 100.00.  

  • To courier or automatic machine pickup: BGN 5.50

  • To the customer's address: BGN 6.90

 3.2. Sports and Outdoor Equipment

  • Delivery fees apply to orders of skis, snowboards, sledges, children's buggies, and sports and outdoor equipment worth less than BGN 200.00 and/or sold at discount prices.

  • The delivery price will be calculated based on the weight and courier options according to the tariff table below.

3.3. Books are not eligible for free shipping. The delivery price is determined by the tariff table.

3.4. Weights, Dumbbells, Bars, and Fitness Accessories

  • Delivery fees apply to orders of weights, dumbbells, bars, and fitness accessories worth less than BGN 300.00 and/or sold at discount prices.

  • The delivery price will be calculated based on the weight and courier options according to the tariff table below.

  • The delivery of weights, dumbbells, bars, and fitness accessories worth over BGN 2000.00 is calculated according to the weight and tariff table below, and the courier options can be either to the courier's office or directly to the customer.

Tariff Table:

Service Type To courier's office [BGN] To the customer's address [BGN]
under 1 kg 5,50 6,90
over 1 to 2 kg 6,90 8,30
over 2 to 5 kg 10,80 12,40
over 5 to 10 kg 16,00 18,00
over 10 to 15 kg 21,60 23,50
over 15 to 20 kg 25,20 27,40
over 20 to 50 kg 25,20 +0,67 for every kg above 20 kg 27,40 +0,72 for every kg above 20 kg
over 50 to 100 kg 36,40 +0,65 for every kg above 50 kg 39,90 +0,72 for every kg above 50 kg
over 100 to 150 kg 62,70 +0,60 for every kg above 100 kg 68,00 +0,65 for every kg above 100 kg
over  150 to 200 kg 87.90 +0,60 for every kg above 150 kg 94,40 +0,55 for every kg above 150 kg
over 200 to 300 kg 110,20 +0,50 for every kg above 200 kg 120,00 +0,55 for every kg above 200 kg
over 300 to 1000 kg 148,30 +0,44 for every kg above 300 kg 164,60 +0,50 for every kg above 300 kg


3.5. The delivery price for tennis tables is a fixed value of BGN 40.00 per item.




  • During SPORT DEPOT's major seasonal sales (January/February/March and July/August/September/until October 20, Black Friday), online orders have an extended delivery time. The average delivery time during this period is up to seven business days, and depending on the workload and volume of orders, the delivery time may take up to 14 days.

  • The standard delivery time to settlements throughout Bulgaria is three business days (when orders are placed after 12:00 pm or on a non-working day, the counting starts from the next working day).

  • It is possible that the delivery will be made in parts. If the delivery does not qualify for free shipping, the customer pays only the first fee, and SPORT DEPOT covers the other fees.

5. SPORT DEPOT does not offer fixed delivery times.

If necessary, customers can agree on additional delivery terms with the courier, once notified of the upcoming delivery.


6. Read the Terms for in-person Inspection and Testing in the Inspection service section when receiving a package through Econt.

7. Read the Returns and Exchange policy to learn about Summy replacement conditions.

8. SPORT DEPOT reserves the right to make changes to the free shipping terms for the online store.

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