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MAQUA KAYAK 10’5” Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Surfboard * OUTLET
845,00 BGN

845,00 BGN
MAQUA KAYAK 10’5” Inflatable All-Around SUP is ideal for beginners and advanced users. The board offers excellent stability and durability, is perfect for shallow water and smaller waves in lakes and sea.
Item number: 200000410890
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845,00 BGN
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Item number: 200000410890 MAQUA-SUP-04

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[Higher Capacity]: 308lbs / 140kg Weight Capability, the 10'5 x 33" x 6" / 320cm x 84cm x 15cm / Stand Up Paddle Board supports riders up to 308lbs / 140kg. Allows you to share the happy Summer time together with families. MAQUA KAYAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is our 2021 upgraded sup board that using military grade PVC protects the inner Drop Stitch Constructions. These can easily support 308lbs / 140 kg, you can paddling with your kids or dogs together enjoying your time!


[Full Anti-Skid EVA on the Deck]: Diamond Groove EVA Pad 5mm, MAQUA paddleboard is full of EVA, so no matter you are adults or youth of all levels of Paddling, MAQUA paddle board is your best choice. No matter you do yoga or bring kids or dogs, full anti-skid EVA on the deck will make you and them much safer. Full EVA Padded Deck makes the MAQUA SUP dog friendly, no more worry about the PVC get punctured by their sharp nails while frequently jumping on or off the board. The full anti-skid EVA on the deck protects kids from slipping over from the slippery wet PVC.


[All Around]: Planing Hull + 3 fins under the tail great for all skill level paddlers paddling, kayaking, yoga, surfing, ect. in flat water, river runs and waves; 3 fins are removable to paddle in shallow water/river.


[Kayak Convertible]: Removable Seat - Give you more support for sitting on top kayaking in windy days. 4 Piece Convertible Paddle - The 2 blades + central bar converts to a kayak paddle.


[Easy to Carry With]: Mounted Carry Handle - Convenient for transport along the shore.

Shoulder Carry Strap - Length adjustable works for paddleboarders of all heights, easy to transport in a long distance. Large Backpack - Packs all accessories to go places your car can't.


[Energy & Space Saver]: All the accessories fit into the provided backpack with ease, always ready to go, the Dual Action Pump pumps air in when push and pull, twice quicker than normal pump, less than 5 minutes to begin your SUP adventure. The pump also can be used to extract rest air out when deflate, makes it smaller to store in backpack.


[All in One Bag]: 1 order to bring following home :

1. Inflatable Paddle Board with Wrap Belt

2. Backpack Enough for All Accessories

3. 3-piece Aluminum Paddle, Adjustable from 63" to 83"/ 160cm to 210cm with Foam Tube for more buoyancy

4. Separate Blade for Kayak Paddle

5. 2 Way Paddle for Paddling / Kayaking from 3+4

6. Dual Action Pump with Pressure Gauge Inflates in 5 mins

7. Kayak Conversion Seat for Relaxing

8. 3 x Removable Fins US box for Different Water

9. Coil Leash Keeps U Together with Board

10. Shoulder Strap for Long Distance Carry

11. Repair Kit for Tightening Air Valve and User Manual with Safety Instructions


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