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279,00 BGN 223,20 BGN Save 20%
What may look like a running shoe on first glance turns out to be a multi­func­tional companion for athletic mountain adventures on second glance. With its heel loop, fabric prints on the sides and shock protection for the toe, the ZIRROX GTX LO makes an overall agile impression. If it could, the light­weight hiking shoe with the grippy outsole would presumably paw the ground. The lacing system has two eyelets on the upper as a way of creating an indi­vidual fit and keeping the heel in place. The LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame provides addi­tional stability on chal­lenging terrain. Users can head out any time they want, regardless of the weather. After all, what really matters most is the destination – no matter how far away it may appear to be in the beginning. Athletic, dynamic and agile – this is what the ZIRROX GTX LO is all about. In addition to its excep­tional comfort, the light­weight low-cut shoe has every feature you need to enjoy a truly perfect outdoor experience.
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279,00 BGN 223,20 BGN
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• Guar­anteed weather protection, even in pouring rain and heavy snow: The ZIRROX GTX LO is equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane. The innovative tech­nology delivers optimal waterproof protection and breath­ability.
• The midsole is the leading contributor to the foot­wear’s rolling prop­erties and cush­ioning. In the ZIRROX GTX LO, this midsole is made of a specially developed plastic: LOWA DynaPU®. The special feature: It retains its restoring force even when it’s pressed together thousands of times. As a result, the finished boots will maintain their excep­tional cush­ioning prop­erties even after you have walked many kilo­metres in them.
• To provide effective cush­ioning and improved comfort, the sole of the ZIRROX GTX LO is bonded to the upper in a tech­nically demanding injection process. The upper boot is placed into a specially designed mould. Various layers of PU foam padding are then poured into it. In the process, the sole and upper are bonded together.
• With the LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame, the midsole of the ZIRROX GTX LO provides the very best comfort. This three-dimen­sional midsole design was developed by LOWA in 1995. The frame comfortably cradles the foot and support it when the shoe wearer ventures across uneven surfaces. The sole design is slightly raised for shoes with a SUPPORT FRAME.
• Stitches and material overlaps are elim­inated in the ZIRROX GTX LO thanks to the use of large pieces in forming the upper. This reduces the possibility of pressure points, a feature that enhances comfort.
• The ZIRROX GTX LO is equipped with a LOWA RUBBER OUTSOLE. Conceived by LOWA to meet the chal­lenges of real-world use, the profile design is made from an optimised rubber compound. The result is a rubber outsole with good traction in the back­country and off trail.
• The triangular profile design used in the sole LOWA® MULTI TRAC® is ideal for multi­func­tional outdoor uses on moderate terrain. The sole provides pleasant rolling prop­erties, helping to prevent fatigue from setting in.
• Material:
- Approx. 40% Synthetic, Approx. 60% Fabric
- An outsole designed by LOWA with an optimised rubber compound to provide good grip.
• Weight: 770 g/Pair (size 42)
• Made in Slovakia

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