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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The use of this website and the order registration via it are considered for agreement with the listed terms. If you DO NOT AGREE to these terms please do not use this web site. Sport Depot JSC reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice as the changed terms are published in the web site.

I. General terms
• “www.sportdepot.bg” is a website for electronic trade-selling and delivery of the ordered goods on behalf of Sport Depot JSC.
• Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” has the right to change the costs under its own decision without prior notice.
The user is obliged to pay the price that has been actual during the time he ordered the item. The notice for the discount of the goods appears after placing the new cost below the old one while the last one is crossed out.
• When there is a lack of stock of an ordered item Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” notifies the Customer about it by sending a notice to the specified from the Customer e-mail or telephone number within one working day after receiving the order.
• In case of inaccurate or wrong address provided, contact person and/or telephone number when submitting the order Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” is not bound by any obligation for accomplishing the order.
• The contract with the customer is considered concluded after accepting from Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” the order request is filled right from the customer during the process of ordering.
• Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” is obliged after receiving the request from the Customer to deliver him the wanted goods or to inform the Customer for other circumstances about the request.
• Sport Depot JSC is not responsible if the Customer has provided inaccurate and/or incomplete data in an order on "www.sportdepot.bg”.
• Sport Depot JSC does not ensure full compliance of the submitted items of the website and the one available in the stores.
Sport Depot JSC is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information published on the website. Corrections on the prices in stores are possible and a change of the design of goods.
The published on the website information about the sizes and congruences must be interpreted as indicative. Sport Depot JSC assumes the availability of discrepancies between the published and the actual sizes, for what it is not responsible.
The categorization of the goods on purpose (“Sport” filter) is an example.
All stated prices are in BGN with included VAT.
The seasonal discounts in the resort Sport Depot shops begin on 27.08 for the summer resorts and on 27.02 for the winter ones.

Rights and obligations of the parties:

1. Sport Depot JSC is obliged to:
confirm the availability of the ordered goods or cancel the purchase within 4 working days;
delivery within the term specified in the delivery information and payment of goods. During seasonal sales it is possible the delivery term to be extended but not more than 1 working week.
check for roadworthiness before sending any goods (if this is possible without damaging the packing)
guarantee that all the items are factory new (unused!) and packed from the manufacturer except when the opposite is expressly named in representation of the goods in the website.

2. The customer is obliged to:
• write his three names, accurate and valid telephone number, address for delivery and e-mail;
pay the order price according to the conditions described in the delivery information and payment for goods;
pay the delivery cost according to the conditions described in the delivery information and payment for goods
to ensure access and possibility for receiving the goods
The declared
goods are delivered on the address indicated by the Client during the specified term in the information for delivery and payment for goods.
The order is delivered properly packed according to the kind and the delivery transport.
When receiving the items the Customer or third party signs the documents with it. Third party is anyone else who is not the titular of the application but accepts the delivered goods and is on the indicated by the customer address. It is possible the delivery to be partly executed during seasonal sales.
In case of cancellation to receive the order, the cancellation is considered unfounded and the Customer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods,  except in the cases below. The Customer is obliged to compensate Sport Depot JSC for all the damages and lost profits, including all kinds of other costs beside the delivery costs and returning the goods due to cancellation. In case when the Customer could not be found in the term of delivery on the indicated address or access for receiving the good in the term is not provided, Sport Depot JSC is not obliged to deliver the purchased goods. The Customer may confirm his desire to receive the order after the expiration date for delivery, when he was not on the address and is responsible for the delivery cost. In this case respectively begins a new delivery term from the moment of confirmation.
The customer has the right to cancel the purchased goods when they are delivered under one of the following conditions:
• the delivered goods apparently does not correspond to the ordered ones and this could be checked by a common review
the cost the Customer must pay does not correspond to the owing cost.
• if there is a discrepancy between the purchased goods and the delivered ones, and it was not possible to determine at the time of delivery
The customer has the right to state a return of size or goods in his initial order. In this case is necessary to inform us in writing (via e-mail) or oral (via telephone) in term not longer than 7 working days to 1766 Sofia, 6 “Vasil Radoslavov” Street, Sofia Business Park Sport Depot Building 3rd floor On-line store.
The c
ustomer has the right of returning the received goods at 1766 Sofia, 6 “Vasil Radoslavov” Street, Sofia Business Park, Sport Depot Building 3rd floor On-line shop without owing any compensation or default and without any reason. The returning is acceptable under the following terms:
the request for return is submitted in writing on the indicated form Sport Depot JSC corresponding e-mail, in term not longer than 7 working days beginning from the day after receiving the goods. The request must contain customer's personal bank account on which the payment to be refund.
• the goods are in good commercial look, original packed, wirh original labels and documents issued by Sport Depot JSC-invoice, cash bound, guarantee card (if has been issued);
• the customer coordinates with Sport Depot JSC agent the address at which the goods will be received
the customer is responsible for all costs connected with the transportation of the goods to the indicated by the Sport Depot JSC agent address. Sport Depot JSC reserves the right not to refund the cost from the customer in term of disturbed one or other conditions for the goods return.

III. Personal data

Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bgtakes the Customer's personal data as paramount, known from the electronic form for making the request application. This obligation voids if the Customer has submitted false data.
At adherence of the functioning legislation and the clauses of the current Conditions, Sport Depot JSCcan use the personal data of the Customer only for the purposes provided in the contract.
Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” has the right to use the data for offering the Customer goods and/or services about promotions, sending greetings, organizing tombolas, questions about statistics and all kinds of other legitimate purposes except in case of expressly dissent of the named, sent on the following e-mail: [email protected]
The described purposes above of what the data could be used are not comprehensively listed and do not create obligations for “ Sport Depot JSC via www.sportdepot.bg”.
Any other purposes for using the data will be consistent with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international
acts, the internet ethics, the moral rules and the good manners.

IV. Revealing the information

Sport Depot JSC via www.sportdepot.bg” is obliged not to reveal any personal data of the Customer of third parties- by government authorities, companies, individuals and other except in the ways when:
• had received written consent of the Customer
• the information is required by government authorities or officials who are authorized to require and gather this information according to the existing legislation;
• Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” is obliged to provide this information under the law.

V. Responsibility

• Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” is not responsible for defaults under this contract to the occurrence of these circumstances that Sport Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg” did not provide - including, but not only, cases of insuperable force, random events, problems in the social net of Internet and for providing the services out of the control of Sport Depot JSC via “www.sportdepot.bg”.


Аll disputes between the parties are solved amicably and with good will. In case of disagreement all unsolved disputes
caused by the contract between the parties or concerning it, including disputes caused or concerning its interpretation, invalidity, execution or cancellation and also disputes about filling gaps in the contract or its adjustment to new circumstances, will be resolved by the competent court of registration of Sport Depot JSC under the Bulgarian Law.

VII. Warranty terms

Sport Depot JSC gives a warranty card to every customer who purchased goods with the warranty. This card includes:
• address and phone number of the authorized service repairers of the purchased appliances;
• the warranty terms of the relevant service centers or manufacturers;
• warranty term of the purchased good;
2.Sport Depot JSC is not responsible for direct, indirect, special, random or subsequent damages, except for the obligations specifically set out in this warranty, whether they are based on a contract, damage due to omission of an official or some other legal theory and if the possibility of such damages was assumed.
3. For all goods
the warranty terms are applied of the relevant manufacturer or authorized service centers. Only the delivered original warranty cards are valid in the service centers.

VIII. Limitation of warranty

The warranty is voided in case of:
1. Damages, because of poor transport, storage or incorrect exploitation.
2. A try for repairing by the Customer and/or other unauthorized person.
3. When using poor quality and not original supply materials.

IX. Additional terms:

1. Sport Depot
JSC is not liable for damage of the goods due to force majeure.

If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the website!